The Lassoo smartphone necklace is the result of two best friends getting together to solve a common need; the development of wearable tech that truly improves the quality of daily life while looking good at the same time.

As we made our first foray into developing our product our primary goal was to always create quality design at a price everyone can afford. 

Though we are a young brand, the Lassoo family has grown to a diverse group of followers. We have mothers wearing our product to keep their smartphone by their side and their hands free to nurture the next generation, doctors and nurses navigate their busy schedules while caring for their patients, friends tell us that we have revolutionized what it means to ride a bike in the age of smartphones, even a committed group of female fashion designers have praised our brand for being the first tech accessory to combat the repressively small pockets in women's pants apparel “ending the epidemic of women constantly holding their smartphones wherever they go because they have nowhere else to put them”… 

… the list continues to grow as we continue to grow.  

Thank you for all your support and welcome to the Lassoo family : - )